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Join Chirpios

The Future of Play and Earn

Interactive blockchain collectibles

Hatch, Breed, Trade!


Coming Soon. 

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What are Chirpios?

• Integrated Blockchain game.
• Hatch and collect your Chirpio NFTs!
• Tap your eggs repeatedly to hatch your Chirpios NFTs. 
• Each pack has a chance of rare eggs.
• Chirpios can be adopted with ETH to permanently collect them.
• There is a limited number of Gen 0 Origin NFTs.

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The first generation of Origin Chirpios NFTs will be hatched from three tiers of eggs: white eggs, brown eggs, and special eggs.

-White eggs contain a random Chirpio from millions of possibilities with a restricted color range.

-Brown eggs are guaranteed to contain a Chirpio with a hat or accessory.

-Special eggs contain a Chirpio with a unique body color, allowing you to collect the perfect shade of Chirpio that speaks to you.


Certain traits are rarer than others and occur using drop tables. After the pack pre-mint, pack holders will be able to hatch 6 eggs and keep 1 Chirpio NFT per pack. Collect the Chirpio NFTs that you love. There will be 8,888 Origin NFTS to be collected. Chirpios will be stored in your wallet and owned by you, but the copyright will be retained by Crowcial, Inc. Good luck tapping!

The Community around Chirpios is why we exist. Each Chirpio opens doors to an ever-growing community. Together we'll grow, learn, exchange, create and have fun. Let's Hatch, Breed, and Collect NFTs!

Follow us on Twitter @chirpios for updates on upcoming new features and utilities. Meet other Chirpios at our community on Discord.

How to Collect Your Chirpios!


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Our Roadmap to  Chirpios Greatness!


Q1 2021
Chirpios Concept

We instantly fell in love with the hatchable creatures in our prototype app.

Q2 2021
Gathering Wings

Project ported to Unreal Engine. Core hatching feature and breeding feature developed.

Q3-Q4 2021
Coming to Life

Blockchain integration. Finishing touches on front-end.

Q1 2022
Chirpios Hatch & Mint Alpha Test
Feb 2022

Chirpios Hatch & Mint Mainnet

TBD pending Q/A from alpha testers.


Q2 2022
Hiring Planet Chirpio Dev Team

Breeding Functionality Added
We will preserve value for original users while allowing new users to join.


Breeding costs will scale with present value.

And we want your help as our community to get this difficult piece of the project right.


Q3 2022
Rapid Deployment of first Planet Chirpio region demo server for alpha testers.


Q4 2022
Region 1 and Region 2 of world map complete and playable.


Q1 2023
Additional Regions added and servers/capacity increased.


  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Reddit (3)



We are a group of do-ers against the odds. We had an idea to create a better NFT experience for our community, and we did it.

Connect with us in Discord!


Coming Soon!

  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Reddit (3)

Contact  Team Chirpios and say hi!

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