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Published December 19, 2021 6:25pm EST

The 'what' and 'why'

Chirpios are remarkably interactive dynamic digital blockchain collectibles. In a market flooded by low-quality NFT projects with little forethought or follow-up, Crowcial, Inc. aims to make a lasting impact in the world of blockchain gaming by providing an unprecedented level of interactivity with your Chirpio NFT’s. We want to bring a smile to your face from the moment you tap your first egg.


Our philosophy is Play and Earn, with an emphasis on enjoyment first and profit second. Please only buy the Chirpios you instantly love. We believe this approach is essential for creating a sustainable project. The first Chirpios drop will be capped at 8888 with a surprisingly affordable pricing structure. Early adopters will always hold a special place in our ecosystem and while we will always strive to create value for each and every customer, it is only fair that early adopters earn exclusive benefits.

Our characters are made from the highest quality exclusive digital illustrations by professional artist, Lola Blu. We aim to create a quality product in an industry that lacks it. Our business strategy is to re-invest our revenue in building our team so we can provide expanded offerings and market Chirpios to a broader audience while staunchly protecting value for early customers.

Our plan

By being one of the first, if not the first company to create interactivity between a major game engine and the Ethereum blockchain, we aim to reduce development costs compared to building a custom game engine, and to better recruit top talent who are already experienced in the gaming industry. Specifically, we have achieved interaction between Unreal Engine and our Chirpios 0.8.0 Solidity ERC-721 contract. Unreal Engine is the same game engine that powers blockbuster games such as Fortnite (and many more: We use several intermediary servers in order to achieve this connection, but the user experience is seamless and fully integrated with MetaMask and trading platforms such as OpenSea. Our plan is to add increasing amounts of interactivity with your Chirpios NFT’s and gaming features, as well as an ERC-20 token for use in-app.

How do I own chirpios?

There will be 3 phases of ownership.

  1. Pre-Mint

  2. Hatch & Mint App; Trading via Any Platform

  3. Planet Chirpio Game

Note that we are actively recruiting alpha testers for our Rinkeby Testnet Hatch & Mint alpha scheduled to start January 15, 2022. Join our Discord to apply for whitelist access:

Phase 1: Pre-mint

Purchase an NFT carton of eggs through our website for 0.05 testnet ETH during the test drop scheduled for January 15, 2022 for Rinkeby Testnet. Max of 8888 total cartons will be issued.

Phase 2: Hatch & Mint App

When you’re ready to hatch your eggs, download our cross-platform Hatch & Mint app, available for alpha testing January 15, 2022. Opening a carton will provide you with six eggs and will burn that carton NFT. You tap repeatedly to hatch each of the eggs in the carton. Keep tapping quickly or the hatch bar will go back down!

Chirpios Main Menu
Chirpios Carton of Eggs
Tap to Hatch Chirpio Egg
Chirpios Egg Crack

Once a Chirpio is hatched, you can tap it to open a menu that allows several options. Tap View to zoom and center on a specific hatched Chirpio. From full screen view you can select Stats to view the Chirpio’s trait

Several Hatched Chirpios
A hatched blue Chirpio
Hatched Traits

Adopting will name the Chirpio and mint a new NFT to your wallet and release all other Chirpios. In this way, a balance is struck between infinite re-rolls and a single random drop. Accounts are free. All we ask for a Fully Authenticated account is your email address to enable the in-app wallet connection. If you feel better staying anonymous, that’s fine too! You can still buy eggs from our site and flip them. And Chirpios are always tradeable via any ERC-721 compliant platform, such as OpenSea and many more.

Chirpios Account Types Comparison

We aim to provide the app on as many platforms as feasible (Android, iOS, and Windows to start). There are millions of possible combos!

Later, we plan to add functionality whereby you can pay a small fee to rename your Chirpio. Chirpios will be stored in your wallet and owned by you, but the copyright will be retained by Crowcial, Inc. From the start, each Chirpio will be an ERC-721 NFT that is fully viewable and tradeable on any site that supports ERC-721 NFT’s (e.g., Opensea, and many more).


The first generation of 8888 Chirpios will be hatched from three tiers of eggs: white eggs, brown eggs, and special eggs. White eggs contain a random Chirpio from millions of possibilities. Brown eggs are guaranteed to contain a Chirpio with a hat or accessory. Special eggs contain a chirpio with a special color. Certain traits are rarer than others and occur using drop tables. Look for clues to these drop tables on our socials and email distribution list.

Lucky tapping.

Phase 3: Planet Chirpio

We plan to fully utilize the power of Unreal Engine 5 to create a 3-dimensional Chirpio planet for multiplayer exploration, gathering, crafting, and adventure. Each 2-dimensional Chirpio NFT will grant you access to Planet Chirpio, and will be mapped to an animated 3-D .FBX model of your NFT. More details on what we’re planning will be available soon. We want input from you, the user, as we build out our Roadmap.


Q1 2022

Chirpios Hatch & Mint Alpha Test

January 15, 2022


Chirpios Hatch & Mint Mainnet

TBD pending Q/A from alpha

Q2 2022

Hiring Planet Chirpio Dev Team


Breeding Functionality Added

We will preserve value for original users while allowing new users to join. Breeding costs will scale with present value. And we want your help as our community to get this difficult piece of the project right.

Q3 2022

Rapid Deployment of first Planet Chirpio region demo server for alpha testers

Q4 2022

Region 1 and Region 2 of world map complete and playable

Q1 2023

Additional Regions added and servers/capacity increased.


Thank you for reading about our project. We’re glad you’re here. Together, let’s be a part of the future of blockchain gaming. Please reach out to us anytime for questions, collabs, or getting involved in the Chirpios project as a tester, coder, or marketing rep. We want to get this project right and will always welcome your feedback, both negative and positive. This project is continuously evolving and growing, and we’re taking concrete steps to provide the best possible experience. We might not always get things right the first time, but we learn quickly and are receptive to outside input. We would really love for you to give us a chance. A community is powerful together, and I know this is gonna be a lot of fun!


You can find us on:

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